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    Sustainability is a priority for Scentre Group’s business. The Group incorporates sustainability into its culture and operations.

    Scentre Group has a number of governance bodies in place which are responsible for the strategic guidance of the organisation.

    Those bodies are the Board of Directors, the Audit and Risk Committee, the Human Resources Committee, the Nomination Committee and the Executive Committee. Sustainability is managed and implemented by the:

    • Scentre Group Board, amongst other responsibilities, is responsible for setting and reviewing the strategic direction of the Group and overseeing the effective management and operation of the Group.
    • Scentre Group Audit and Risk Committee maintains oversight over the risk management framework, including sustainability risks.
    • Scentre Group Executive Committee operates the business in alignment with the policies set by the Board. The Executive Committee is composed of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and divisional directors.
    • Scentre Group Sustainable Business Council is composed of Director of Human Resources, Director of Development, Director of Design & Construction and Director of Finance. The Council meets monthly to guide the implementation of the Sustainable Business strategy and support the implementation of initiatives throughout the business.
    • Senior Managers and Teams in Australia and New Zealand teams provide support, raise awareness and pursue initiatives that support the broader business to achieve Scentre Group Sustainability objectives.
    • General Manager Facilities and Sustainability Australia — Responsible for the development of the Sustainable Business strategy, the implementation of energy efficiency, waste and water initiatives and programs in Australia and New Zealand, and reporting to the executive team on environmental performance of the business.
    • Sustainability Champions — In 2015, Scentre Group has called for nomination of people and sustainable business champions to fast track the implementation of the diversity, inclusiveness and sustainability programs.