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    What is relevant to Scentre Group?


    During 2015, we focused on defining our strategic priorities in relation to sustainability, resulting in a relevant and customised Sustainable Business Framework for Scentre Group.

    We believe that a stakeholder-centric approach will help Scentre Group achieve our aspiration of creating shared value, efficiency and ultimately a position of proactive innovation. In order to better understand our stakeholders’ reasonable expectations, we have conducted a detailed stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment exercise.

    A team of consultants with understanding of our sustainability journey to date, in depth knowledge of our business, deep experience of sustainability and change management assisted us in this exercise.

    A number of internal and external stakeholders have an interest in our business: internal stakeholders include our staff working in the various divisions of our business: design & construction, development, leasing, human resources, centre management, marketing, community, group risk and our leadership team. Our external stakeholder group comprises our community of tenants, suppliers and service providers,
    co-owners, security holders, industry groups and the communities which we serve and operate in.

    Our approach to stakeholder engagement has been guided by a mix of a desktop review of available internal information and face-to-face interactions. In total, we conducted two focus groups, 18 interviews with over 50 individuals to understand and document our stakeholder expectations, material topics and priorities.