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    Getting creative with organic waste


    Scentre Group is working with its waste services provider Veolia Environment Services to find the most environmentally relevant facilities for the responsible treatment of waste.

    As dining and entertainment precincts become an increasingly prominent part of Westfield shopping centres, the question of how to manage organic waste is becoming more important.

    In New South Wales, wet organic waste is processed at Earthpower, a facility diverting kitchen and fresh food retailers’ waste such as fruit and vegetable away from landfill.


    The use of bio-digesters like EarthPower is beneficial as it enables the treatment of organic waste through a transformational closed loop process, whereby the facility essentially mulches and pulps organic waste into food for bacteria present in the digesters.The bugs’ digestion process generates methane which is captured for the generation of clean electricity, powering the local communities. The process also provides natural organic fertilizer as an additional by-product. Watch this video to learn more about EarthPower.

    In 2015, Scentre Group sent 2,548 tonnes of food organics to Earthpower, avoiding 3,842 tCO2-e. The energy potential of this material contributes to 605,150 kWh of renewable energy, powering 94 homes for one year.